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As a kid growing up in a very small society in a super small town in Greece, I was bullied a lot, taught by the society that dreams are something unreachable, something ridiculous and it's better to settle for less. Much less. I felt like I worth nothing. For years. That I wasn't enough.


One thing I realised is that when you start knowing what your worth is (and you worth a lot), your dreams start coming true, people respect you because you respect yourself, you find peace of mind and you know what true happiness is.


Leaving Greece and moving to London few years back to become a full time Artist (something that most people thought is never going to happen and that I was crazy) without even speaking English back then (it was a struggle I assure you) I am happy to reassure you that dreams do come true. If you persist. If you want to get better. If you start loving and respecting yourself. If you fall, again and again and you keep getting back on your feet.

We worth more than we think we do. And we can achieve anything. I love you. #DreamBig